In TEDxAustin's> third year, we brought you a theme that never felt more relevant: BEYOND MEASURE. As technology and access to information advanced at dizzying speeds, we considered the implications of growth and complexity on the way we live. We pondered spaces in which our stunning capacity to measure and act helped us lead richer, more creative and interconnected lives.

There were two official TEDxAustin> Events on the same day, both of which were invitation only and required pre-registration. The official LIVE TEDxAustin Beyond Measure event unfolded at the Austin Music Hall, which we transformed into a full-on, full-sensory TEDxAustin experience. The official TEDxAustin Beyond Measure SIMULCAST was hosted by CompassLearning, featuring a screening of the live event and an exciting interactive experience. Whether on-stage or on-screen, we had a line-up of dynamic speakers and performers, invited for their ability to inspire and engage. Our carefully curated audience, was full of energy and ready to engage with other active people with big ideas to exchange.


Image from a recent TEDxAustin event
TEDxAustin - Jeff Lofton
Jazz trumpeter and composer Jeff Lofton and pianist/composer Graham Reynolds perform spontaneous improvisation...
Image from a recent TEDxAustin event featuring Chris Riley
TEDxAustin - Chris Riley
World traveler and cultural strategist Chris Riley discusses the impact that a more social and mobile culture has on our ability to understand the world around us.
Image from a recent TEDxAustin event featuring Devin R. Dow
TEDxAustin - Devin R. Dow
David R. Dow asks us to consider a different story in today's death penalty debate -- one that begins several chapters before the devastating crime.
Image from a recent TEDxAustin event featuring Todd Humphreys
TEDxAustin - Todd Humphreys
Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas at Austin's Radio Navigation Lab paints a picture of an utterly new future at once worrying and fascinating.